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We at Tutors-Ink are committed to providing a caring, accommodating environment designed to help students dramatically improve their academic performance. Our primary mission at Tutors-Ink is to enable students to reach their academic goals.

Tutors-Ink offers a wide range of tutors to suit your individual needs. Depending on one’s educational requirements, one may choose among our premier tutors, therapeutic tutors, and/or graduate and undergraduate students, each with his or her particular area of expertise.

We take a flexible, holistic approach to teaching and present material in a variety of ways to accommodate diverse learning styles. Our tutors form relationships with their students, motivate and inspire them with confidence and the desire to learn.

We emphasize the development of critical thinking and learning skills and strategies that become the tools for future endeavors.

We work through an ongoing collaborative process with parents after an initial assessment has been completed.

Tutors-Ink employs a large cadre of carefully selected and trained tutors:

  • Specialists in standardized test preparation
  • Premier tutors experienced, expert teachers in their fields
  • Trained graduate students from America’s leading universities

Trained college students serve as homework helpers to teach organizational, study, and time management skills and assist with daily homework assignments

Therapeutic Tutors are trained social workers, psychologists, social work students and psychology students who are also experts in various subject areas