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Dr. Robin Shaw, Co-Founder

Dr. Robin Shaw is a licensed psychologist with over thirty years of experience in private practice and in schools. She has a diverse and extensive clinical background; she holds a doctoral degree in clinical/school psychology with an emphasis on cognition and assessment, is licensed and certified in school psychology, social work, and psychoanalysis, and is a state approved early intervention provider. She is a specialist in child development with expertise in educational psychology.

In her private practice, Dr. Shaw treats adults, couples, college students, adolescents, and children for a variety of emotional issues and learning disabilities. In addition to providing treatment, she conducts full-battery psychoeducational/neuropsychological assessments to diagnose learning disabilities, ADHD and/or emotional problems that may impede academic performance. She evaluates individuals from age two through adulthood. Based on the results of her assessments, Dr. Shaw develops appropriate learning recommendations and accommodations, and advocates for her clients.

As Executive Director of Tutors-Ink, Dr. Shaw has the responsibility of supervising and coordinating the work of our tutors. She helps them understand each child’s unique profile and develops individualized approaches for our students. Under her tutelage, our tutors are carefully selected and knowledgeable in their subject areas as well as in learning issues and the technique and approach that work best for each student. Dr. Shaw is especially involved with our therapeutic tutors to ensure excellent care and success in attaining academic and therapeutic goals.

Dr. Gerard Shaw, Co-Founder

Dr. Gerard Shaw is a college professor with over thirty years experience in education. He has provided writing and editing services for graduate and undergraduate college students and specializes in SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SHSAT preparation, writing, as well as time management and organizational skills for secondary students.

Dr. Shaw designs and implements individualized tutorial plans based on (1) the identified, unique needs, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each student through a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, (2) ongoing, formative assessment based on improvement in test performance proficiency, and (3) feedback from parents, educators and school professionals when appropriate. Dr. Shaw strongly believes that every child has the potential to learn and achieve in school. He helps each child access his or her strengths and apply them in the school setting to achieve powerful and lasting results.

Dr. Shaw is also a licensed psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of clinical experience and is therefore adept at working with and motivating highly resistant students. When he combines tutoring within our therapeutic tutoring approach, Dr. Shaw not only offers concrete, practical solutions for everyday academic problems, but also provides needed support to help his students overcome emotional barriers that may prevent their successful academic achievement. As a devoted and caring educator, Dr. Shaw customizes his approach to the academic and emotional needs of individual students, making their experience a positive one.